Since 1986 Aruba has been an independent component of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba is politically stable and one of the safest countries in the Caribbean.  Aruba is situated in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, 30 km at north of Venezuela. The island is 31 km long and maximum 9 km widely.


Aruba is a pleasant, multi-purpose island where everyone seems be continuously in holiday mood. For the sun admirer Aruba is the perfect destination, but there is more.  You can go deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkling, kayaking, sailing, wind- and kite surfing, parasailing or in the countryside, you can do a tour, play golf and ride a mountain bike or a horse. And next to all of this you can shop till you drop in Oranjestad. At night there is a sparkling nightlife, with discotheques and bars. Or you can take a chance in one of the casinos.  


The capital city Oranjestad has a mixture of shops, chique vogue shops, perfumery stores and jewellers you will find in the Royal Plaza Mall  and Seaport Mall. The shops of Main Street (Caya Betico Croes) and neighbouring streets have more payable clothing.  The Main Street is a lively street with several buildings that have been embellished with colourful gables, inspired on the Dutch canal-houses.


If you are nevertheless in the neighbourhood, course then to the Wilhelminastraat. This street runs parallel to the Main Street, here you still find an original piece of Oranjestad with restored historical buildings and a charming church from 1846.  At east of the yacht-basin you find 3 museums.  


Are you finished shopping and party time is over, rent a car and discover the other Aruba. Visit San Nicolas, a place with whole another environment. Aruba has numerous spots where people  hardly come.  The inland country has a landscape which looks like the wild-west, (cunucu) with rock parties and towering cactuses. The solitary North coast with sand dunes and cliffs, left gold mines and quiet beaches hidden behind cliffs, where the sea batters savagely on.  Admire the mysterious Indian drawings on the rock walls.


Walk through the Arikok National park with 2 highest tops of Aruba, the Jamanota and Arikok.  Rinse you fresh in the `Natural Pool'. Take along a pocket lantern and descend in the `Tunnel of Love’. The `French Pas' is the spot where you can hear Caribbean parakeets twitter, but after sunset it is not ‘safe’ here, it seems here  ' spooky'.


Drive once to the North point, to the lighthouse and enjoy a breathtaking view, go at the end of the day to Alto Vista, the lovely chapel. Seat your self on one of the stools, and feel the piece on you.  From Alto Vista it is a short way to get at home, at Cas Kenepa, with a cold beer or a soda on the terrace or on the porch, nicely afterglow of again a delicious day.

Feel as an Arubean and play the game of dominos under the large tree in the garden.

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